About Us

Silver Shimmering industry is one of the leading industry in India. It has engaged itself in gold and silver plating for electronic devices/connectors required for defence, medical science and optical high tech industries. The innovations highlighted to select the adequate process for ISI, ASTM or any MIL requirements.

As well as engaged in manufacturing of quality Gold & silver plated Gift specialties, Tableware, Utensils , Out standing antiques & gold plated ornaments (forming jewellery), As a result our deep involvement for years of plating we are proud to be at the head of process. It has proven again leadership in elctroplating.

Our company is committed to adopt the best suitable manufacturing process as mentioned below to deliver the ultimate results forever.

Quality Policy

Quality people and processes insure a quality product. Our platers are the finest in the industry

Used chemicals are of worldwide best known company.

Specially trained & skilled hands process the articles.

All advanced equipments have been established to achieve the plating technology

Our R&D is always on the path of new advancement & tech. up-gradation

We meet all special requirements of plating quality as per customer’s need (technically and aesthetically).

Hard Gold and Silver plating is done to achieve excellent wear resistance

We meet all standards related quality plating.

High purity Gold color beats real gold

Quality Assurance

Gold & Silver plating from 5 to 50 micron.

Digital micron testing machine - destructive type.

Tape test for adhesion.

Visual checking for brightness.

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